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In addition to the products we have, Southern Ammunition offers a service that will interest countries and companies needing to Demil small caliber ammunition.

Southern Ammunition Company is the User / Operator of Foreign Trade Zone 21 Site 6 in Loris South Carolina.

For more information on Foreign Trade Zones try our links of interest. 

The Demil Process

We have three processes that we use for different demil applications.

The first process we use is specifically for restricted projectile ammunition.  It involves the removal of the tracer or incendiary projectile in our Foreign Trade Zone, then re-bulleting the cartridge with a standard lead core ball projectile.
This is then sold as a sporting, or target cartridge to the U.S. commercial market.

The second process involves a procedure similar to the above, that adds an additional stage, that removes and destroys the primer from the cartridge case.
We are then left with a usable unprimed cartridge case and projectile.

The third process involves the mechanical destruction and removal of the primed cartridge case from the projectile.
This yields scrap brass and a reusable sporting projectile.

We can adapt any of our processed to meet the demil requirements of any country.  However the more of the components we are allowed to preserve the less we have to charge for the demil process.

It is important to understand that we use only environmentally safe methods.  No open burn or open detonation, and any reusable components of the demil operation are sold only in the commercial U.S. market.

Warehouse and Office space for lease

Meadow Street Business Park is located in the town limits of Loris, South Carolina on Hwy. 701 South and Meadow Street.  This is two miles south of Hwy 9 By-pass, 17 miles from Conway, and 35 miles from Myrtle Beach.


Property: 19 Acres.

Buildings: Main Building (picture) 52,542 sq./ft. with columns on 30 X 50 ft. spacing.  Ceiling height 16 feet.
Construction:  Floor 5" reinforced concrete, block interior walls with jumbo brick exterior walls, stress structured concrete roof.
Office Space:  Approximately 7000 sq./ft.
Attached metal building:  10,000 sq./ft. with 16 ft. ceilings.

Parking: 2 acres of paved lighted parking. (280 spaces)

Power: 1000 KV service.  (120-240 volt single phase and 208,277,460 volt 3 phase.)

Water/Sewer: 10 inch water main and 10 sewer main.

Fire Protection: 100% wet sprinkled with a Grinnell Fire Protection System.

Alarm System: The building has three separate alarm systems with interior security cameras.

Other Items: The entire 19 acres may be classified as Foreign Trade Zone as needed.  All offices are wired for phone, PC network, and cable.

Contact us for more information regarding warehouse space for lease.


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