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You may contact us at:

Southern Ammunition Company Inc.
4232 Meadow St.
Loris, SC 29569-3124
Phone: 843-756-3262
Fax: 704-625-9045

Please use the contact form below to submit your information, keep it up to date, and let us know what type ammunition you are interested in.  By doing this if  you are a new customer you will save time on your first order because we will have your information in our system.  Existing customers will insure orders are processed correctly and we can contact you if there are questions.

Your email address is very important to us.  All order confirmations are sent via email, as well as making you aware of unadvertised specials.  The privacy of our customers is very important to us, and we will never sell our mailing list.  Please be sure to update your email address if it changes.


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Pistol Rifle

25 Caliber  32 ACP  380 Caliber

38 Special  357 Mag  9MM

40 Caliber  44 Mag  45 ACP

223 Caliber 30 Carbine 7.62X39

6.5 Swedish 308 Caliber 30-06

303 British   7.62X54R   7.5 Swiss

8MM           50 BMG 


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